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It has taken quite some time to gather my
thoughts in order to express them in the
writing of
Machismo's Creed.  Most of the
inspiration incurred through situations and
discoveries involving different people and
places, while trying to expose my mind to new
experiences.  Many times I find humor by
being aware of what is going on nearby, which
can occur in a parking lot, on an airplane, in a
grocery store, or just by listening.  Sometimes
I can't believe what I see, but mostly I can't
believe what I hear.  With that being stated,
once I combine ideas from over the years, my
imagination gets the better of me.  It is all
about perspective.  I hope all of you enjoy
what is coming forth in my short-short story
writings, that may require some deep thought.

Thank you,

Mark Sanders

"Fiancée is a term to finance."--R. Machismo
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Machismo's Creed is my first completed book that is to be
self-published in 2019; it is a compilation of nearly 200
short stories, with many humorous observational quotes
from my creation/character
Mr. R. Machismo.  
Everyone can Click HERE for Volume I sample stories
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Deep humor of Machismo's Creed Author Mark Sanders

    At some point I will start using social media, where exposure can transform a person's life
    into an expose', for sure.  Now that most people are FACING this Orwellian cyberworld
    together, I figured that the general public might as well have access to the privacy of my
    love-life too.  It is here on display for your viewing pleasure:

    “What you don't see is what you get; what you do see is what you think.”  - - R. Machismo*

    Yep, there you have it, and that is probably the only time you can see me with my shirt off.  
    I keep telling myself that 50 is the new sexy; it motivates me to imagine using a dating
    profile in the future.  Take notice that there is only one pillow on the bed and that the room
    doesn't smell like money.

    With R.E.S.P.E.C.T.,

    Stanby Yourman
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Mark Sanders, Author of Machismo's Creed a Great
Bathroom Read.  He is a novelist of sorts, very funny.
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                           Change You Can Believe In
Reincarnation, I never would have believed it, until I came to the realization that in a past
life, I was a chick magnet of success, and not the suppressed refrigerator magnet that I am
today.  I am not big on Hinduism, but single women must have talked to me at some point.
I have also accepted the Chinese philosophy of Yin and Yang.  Well, while being clumsy
with balance, what other choice is there at this time?  Sometimes I think that in a Past-Past
life, I was the second guy standing in the Garden of Eden, holding an orange and missing a
fig leaf.

I finally figure out how to do Sudoku, in hoping someday that I might get to play Kama
Sutra.  It has to be more fun than Karaoke and better than doing the Waptusi.  Maybe I just
have lots more time to go fishing now.


Harry Krishnot

"HOGWASH should be the opposite of BULL$HIT."  -  -  R. Machismo
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"Fiancée is a term to finance." - - R. Machismo
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What is going on here?  It is just a total solar eclipse, and not some spiritualistic
doomsday wrath.  Solar eclipses (They aren't man-made.) are as cyclical as weather
patterns, and probably send shivers down Al E. Gorey's spine, when the Earth stops
warming for 3 minutes, every 18 months, in this 4.5 billion years of climate change.  
With hypocrisy from the limo to the private jet, he laughs at people taking the Sole

I am glad to hear the American Media teaching people to wear protective eyewear
when staring at the Sun.  Galileo had to learn the hard way, by going blind.  I can only
assume that the public educational system doesn't teach science anymore, while history
disappears.  I bet somebody will rub sunblock in their eyes...on purpose!

Galileo also had his free speech taken away, and was imprisoned...all done in the name
of Christianity (Witch Hunt?).  Be careful what you wish for; there is a hell of a price  
to pay to get a space probe named after you.

In peace, love, and sol,

Mr. R. Machismo
The Sol Train
Mark Sanders Humorous Sex Life Happy Flowers
A couple of days ago, I spotted a black fox running into the woods at the end of the    
cul-de-sac.  I named it Eclipse, as they are supposedly rare.  (A true story, and  I didn't
have time to fumble my phone for a photo.)  Trust me, there are lots of wild animals in
the trees outside my bedroom window at night, making more noise than I am.  Yet, I   
am more afraid of that spider up in the corner.

Well, I tried to tell you; Monday has already disappeared out of the “news”.  Evidently,
nobody was sucked into a quartz crystal and launched into another dimension.  Why
were there no protests yesterday?  Maybe those types of people thought the end was
nigh.  I am still back in the parking lot in South Carolina waiting for something to
happen.  I haven't seen Jesus, or Dick Clark (A New Year's Day type of event.); a nice
day nonetheless.

On a side-note, you would have thought Corona Beer would have done some
advertising for this “historical” event.  Nothing; just nothing.  I guess we will have to
wait for an eclipse that occurs on Cinco de Mayo.  Maybe a lot of people went out to
Grab Some Buds, and the marketing department thought marijuana was too much
competition for them, on the scale of these special circumstances.

For me, the best part of the whole show was the Father - Son ( He was under 5.) team
from Hackensack, New Jersey, racing toward the grocery store to use the restroom; 2
minutes before Totality.  Now that is news!  It was like watching the black fox, with  
my chubby-fumble-photo fingers.  When was the last time you used Hackensack in a
sentence?  They should change that town name to Eclipse, use a black fox as a city  
logo, and Corona can move its headquarters there.

In finding your solace,

The Foreshadower
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The Total Eclipse of 2017
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